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About us?

Cristobal Cattan, founder of Rukapali Adventours, dedicated to the mountains since 2008, has participated in expeditions in Central Asia, Norway, France, Austria, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chilean and Argentine Patagonia and the Atacama desert.
Reaching heights over 7000 meters
Practicing sport climbing, ice and mixed
Equipping and opening mountain and sports routes.

Also, first aid instructor in remote areas WFR.
Transferring all his experience in the activities available on this website, prioritizing safety above all and delivering a pleasant experience to passengers.

Mountain all year

In the region of Ñuble, Biobio and Araucania, the seasons of the year are very marked, therefore the conditions change on the mountain, both the temperature, quantity and condition of the snow y rainfall.

It is for the same reason that the activities we offer change throughout the year and we adapt in the best possible way to the mountains.


Most of the experiences published on this website last a few hours, however we also carry out multi-day All Inclusive activities, with accommodation, transportation and food included.
We do this for companies, schools and individuals!
These activities, if they are not published, is because they are mostly custom designed and everyone can design their own!
Just write to us telling us what you have in mind and together we will build the experience!

Adventure and experience!

safety first

ALL the experiences we carry out comply with international safety protocols and certified equipment for use.
So leave your fear at home and come to the mountains!

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